SATURDAY AUGUST 15 "100 Years of Red, Black & Green"

  • 50th Annual Marcus Garvey Day Parade & Festival  The BHW Planning Team invites you to join us for this grassroots community cultural event organized by Charles Dugger [Ancestor's Roots & Camp Harambee/The People]. Parade line up begins at 10am at the African Wall of Respect at Carey & Cumberland Streets. Festival & Activities begin at 12pm and will end at 7pm at Marcus Garvey Park (Harlem Park, Gilmore St. at Edmondson Avenue - West Baltimore)

SUNDAY AUGUST 16 "Neighborhood Beautification"

We encourage families and community groups to organize community cleanups on this day.  The BHW Planning Team will solicit resources to assist with equipment and supplies.


MONDAY AUGUST 17 "Gifted & Black" 

We encourage museums and galleries to host events for the community at large.  The BHW Planning Team promotes these on our website and social media networks.


  • Living Heritage: Annual Garvey Awards & Arts Reception  BHW Planning Team honors our own living legends!  [6pm-8pm]


TUESDAY AUGUST 18 "Heritage Around Town"

We encourage Black-owned and centered arts organizations, businesses and restaurants to produce a specific event that celebrates the Black Experience.  This day's theme is to elevate these city institutions and encourage economic development by circulating our dollars in local Baltimore.


WEDNESDAY AUGUST 19 "Be The Village"

It takes a village to raise a child, and that is doubly true for our city!! We encourage all citizens, especially those who work in human services, to "Be The Village" for City Youth in need of support! The BHW Planning Team will publish a listing of community organizations offering volunteer opportunities.

  • The Feed: Community Resource Fair  The BHW Planning Committee will provide emergency resources and supplies for citizens in recovery from Trauma, Housing Insecurity and/or Substance Abuse. Stay tuned for details.



Visit your local library or search your streaming apps to explore films by Black Filmmakers. Enjoy them with your family and friends. We encourage all local Theatres to show films by Black Filmmakers.

  • 4th Annual "BLACK 4 REELZ" VIP Filmmakers Reception  The BHW Planning Team invites local & Black Filmmakers to celebrate themselves and each other as we honor Blacks in the Baltimore Film Industry Stay tuned for details.


FRIDAY AUGUST 21  "Buy Black"

That's it. We encourage spending some time and some $$ supporting Black Businesses on this day.

  • Blacks In Business Expo, Conference to support business in launching and growing their business, getting capital, and building relationships to gain business. Includes in-person and virtual activities. Stay tuned for details.

SATURDAY AUGUST 22  "Sing, Sing, Celebrate!"
We encourage you to plan community activities and get together with your family and friends to celebrate yourselves!

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