BBHW 2018: A Reflection

We extend our sincerest appreciation and gratitude for all who contributed to the overwhelming success of the 2nd Annual Baltimore Black Heritage Week!! 


From Sunday August 12th through Sunday August 19th, We Celebrated the Black Experience in Baltimore!

Our calendar was filled with a variety of events and opportunities to specifically and intentionally help boost support for Black endeavors here in Baltimore! We hope you continue to patronize our Black Owned Businesses, seek the services of Black professionals, visit Afrocentric museums and cultural institutions, and especially support the activities and endeavors of our creative artists.

The response this year was PHENOMENAL with Black Owned businesses, community organizations and creatives getting on board to support Baltimore Black Heritage Week's Friend Raising Campaign!


Even Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh came out to support our Annual Black Filmmakers Reception at Nancy by SNAC and at our BBHW Finale & Festival, she presented us with A Mayoral Salute for Baltimore Black Heritage Week!!


We couldn’t be more proud!!!

Looking forward to #BBHW2019!!

“These activities and practices—the networking that takes place during Black Heritage Week-- are highlighted and resources are shared to ensure the sustainability of the observance and those practices. Our hope is that eventually, the week will become ingrained in the cultural psyche alongside other such observances—so that the culture that is so important to society as a whole is continually embraced and celebrated.”

- J. Lynn Robinson,

Founder of The THINK Project and BBHW Organizer

Thank You All!

We committed to a collective approach to planning and implementing BBHW, and each incredible person who made this happen contributed their own time and resources to see this annual observance gain momentum. We are in awe of the support BBHW 2018 has received and the excited about the BBHW TEAM that has evolved!! We look forward to #BBHW2019

To EVERYONE who LIKED us, SHARED our posts, or FOLLOWED our progress….WE THANK YOU!!

THANK YOU to everyone who donated to our emergency fundraiser for #BBHWFest! Between your Go Fund Me & offline donations, we raised enough funds to pay for unexpected but necessary expenses!! WE APPRECIATE YOU and literally could not have done it without your support!

THANK YOU @WrenAvery for briefly coming out of semi-retirement to help promote #BBHW2018 on your Salacious Life Radio Show!!

THANK YOU to Lewis Wright of Street Legal Radio for inviting #BBHW2018 Organizers @Lynn & @Keisha to appear on the Style and Substance Podcast to promote and to encourage your audience to participate! WE APPRECIATE YOU!

THANK YOU to @kescia & Mark of Just A Bit Ouside @Jabo on @be exposed radio for your annual support of BBHW. 

WE APPRECIATE YOU  for inviting BBHW Organizers @Lynn Robinson & @andrea to appear on your podcast and encourage your audience to participate!! Best of Luck on your show!! See you next year! #BBHW2019

THANK YOU for attending our Annual Black Filmmakers Reception!!

THANK YOU to Kevin Brown, proprietor of Station North Arts Cafe & Nancy by SNAC, for another beautiful event!! You are a most loyal Friend to BBHW! WE APPRECIATE YOU for being such a gracious host for our filmmakers, our guests and OUR MAYOR!! We could say more...but you said it best here:

THANK YOU to Kenneth Moore, founder of Baltimore International Black Film Festival and Friend of BBHW, for sharing your talents by curating our Annual Film Screening. WE APPRECIATE YOU and wish you Best of Luck with the 5th Annual Baltimore International Black Film Festival in October!

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE FEED!! Each year, BBHW Organizer Lynn Robinson coordinates her firm’s Resource Fair & Community Lunch to support citizens with unstable housing or food insecurity.  Last year, we incorporated this community reinvestment as our Annual Service Project! We organized volunteers, helped secure donations of emergency supplies, and distributed them to those in need! We encourage you to join us next year.


BBHW 2018 Finale & Festival


Thank you to our friends, family, members of our Baltimore community and students and staff from MSU who enjoyed this year's event, which featured a variety of family friendly activities, vendors, food trucks and  entertainment.

Thank you Mrs. Natasha Pratt Harris!! Our greatest success this year was developing a Friendship with Morgan State University’s DuBois-Diggs Sociological Society, Department of Sociology, Anthropology (Criminal Justice), who graciously offered us use of the beautiful space outside of the newly constructed Jenkins Hall Behavioral and Social Sciences Building to hold our annual finale & festival!! We are honored and look forward to working with you again for #BBHW2019! Best wishes on the start of your semester!! @morganstateddss

THANK YOU to Pop of Crookedstreetzradio for helping to plan and organize #BBHWFest,  and for providing the sound & DJ, and for generally making this thing happen!! WE APPRECIATE YOU! WELCOME TO THE TEAM! #BBHW2019 #BBHWFest



THANK YOU to Legend Chief Rocker Busy Bee! It was truly an honor to have you host our event and surprise us with an exclusive performance for our guests!! We respect your continued commitment to your community.  

THANK YOU to the most awesome DJ Nadir!! Because of you, we had a fantastic time hanging out and dancing and singing out loud and laughing at each other!! We are overwhelmed by your patience and talent...and we appreciate YOU!! Looking forward to #BBHW2019


THANK YOU to Bmore Dance Favorite Sienell for being a true Friend of BBHW. For the 2nd year in a row, he’s helped with  Youth & Community Outreach...and has also been kind enough to show us how it's really done!!

THANK YOU to Jahiti for a perfect #BBHW2018 Finale! We appreciated the exclusive, tear jerking performance of the UNIA Ethiopian Anthem, and your hit single Daughter of the Most high, and for letting us reminisce over OOH with FISHBOWL.


THANK YOU to Gladden Works Studio for arriving early and staying late to share their unique and one of a kind art work & accessories. WE APPRECIATE YOU and look forward to seeing you next year! #BBHW2019


THANK YOU to Mama Saray for spending a few hours with us and helping to get the word out! WE APPRECIATE YOU!!


THANK YOU to Tee Host of Ask Tee Why Crooked Streets Radio for posting a live feed of the Finale!! WE APPRECIATE YOU!!

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